We are StorkCard.
Some info about us

Our mission is to redefine the relationship parents have with money and empower mums and dads to take control of the costly adventure of raising a family.

Before having kids, Andres (our CEO) and his wife considered themselves to be financially savvy people. But that all changed when their first child was born. It was wonderful, but overwhelming. The clash of emotions (joy, exhaustion, love, anxiety, etc) completely crowded out their ability to properly plan for the upcoming costs around the corner. How much does it cost to have a baby? What do I need to buy for my newborn and when? How much money do I need?

We created StorkCard to do the financial thinking for busy mums and dads so that they can focus on the joys of having kids, not the costs.

StorkCard was chosen to be part of the Finance Innovation Lab's Financial Health Fellowship, which helps social enterprises working in the area of financial health and well-being. We were also featured in the London Assembly's report to the Mayor on how to improve the financial health of Londoners.

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Have any questions? Send us an email at info@storkcard.com we’d love to hear from you.