The first budgeting app designed for parents

Focus on your baby, not the bank

Get ready for the costs of parenthood

A budget that’s smarter

Unlike other budgeting apps, StorkCard uses artificial intelligence to predict expenses far in advance, helping you avoid problems before they arise

A budget that’s easy to make

With just a few pieces of information, StorkCard can easily and quickly create a budget that is fully customised to your family’s needs and preferences

A budget that gives you peace of mind

Starting a family is rewarding, but expensive. StorkCard gives you the knowledge and guidance you need to focus on the joys of having children, rather than the costs

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We want to empower you to be the best parent you can be

StorkCard gives you everything you need to succeed...

Personalised budgeting plan

StorkCard gives you the tools to achieve your family finance goals

Ability to share

StorkCard makes it easy to share your budget with family and friends and get their help with big purchases

Access to a community of parents

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are building a community around the promotion of financial health of families

Coming soon, our Mastercard® rewards card!

Our debit card offers parents a dedicated joint spending account for baby expenses and access to cashback rewards from family retailers

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